KSC Enhanced CKAN

An enhancement of the stock KSC

License: MIT

Game Version: 1.12.5

Downloads: 434

Author: MiraZaWitch

Mod Website: Forum Thread

Followers: 7

KSC Enhanced is a simple upgrade to the Kerbal Space Center!

The Kerbal Space Center always felt barren and small, the KSC Extended mod is great but was too big for my liking, however I had no reason to remake/enhance the KSC. However, due to the sad news about KSP 2 I decided it would be a good idea to make a more enhanced KSC that felt somewhat like the KSC in KSP2 but wasn't an exact replica. This is where my mod/addition to the game KSC Enhanced comes into play.

This mod adds a few structures, a new runway, and a few more launchpads. This mod was meant for Sandbox or Science mode, however still works with career mode, just looks odd (might change later). Additionally, the mod will get extensions when I feel like implementing them :P

Features Include: * Two New Launchpads * An Extra Runway * Must Purchase Runways / Launchpads in Career Mode * Seemingly Occupied Look

Requirements: * Kerbal Konstructs * Omega's Stockalike Structures * Tundra's Space Center * Module Manager

Compatible * JNSQ

Conflictions: - Other KSC Replacers/Additions

Bugs: * Bumpy roads/terrain (This is due to the positioning tool Kerbal Konstructs uses, its not 100% precise) * Secondary runway discoloration (This is only at the end of the runway. This is more noticeable in JNSQ and/or with Deferred Rendering. No known fix yet)

Feel free to report issues! Suggestions/ideas are welcome.

Note: Some roads or paths may be slightly bumpy, this is due to the positioning tools and snapping Kerbal Konstructs uses. I was as precise as possible but could not be 100% flush. Please do not report this as an issue unless a structure is clipping badly or is floating.

Images: Aerial View 1 Aerial View 2 Aerial View 3 Aerial View 4 Wind Turbines Flyover Hangers

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