Kuriosity Science

Kurious events that inspire our kerbals to complete some science!

License: MIT

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Author: Cadestronaut

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Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Kerbal Space Program 2. Proceed with caution.

Kuriosity Science

Kurious events that inspire our kerbals to complete some science!


  • Generate completed science experiments from your kerbals whilst they're in flight
  • Each kerbal in flight is running a Kuriosity Experiment whenever possible
  • These experiments take a variable amount of time, depending on the specific experiment and how 'rich' (i.e. the science point multiplier) the particular location of the kerbal is
  • Each experiment has it's own conditions, and is typically not specific to a biome/location/situation - so most can only be completed once per kerbal
  • Different parts can support (or prioritize the running of) different experiments, and can also impact the rate at which experiments run - for example kerbals in a lab run experiments faster than those in a command pod
  • Ability to customize the rate at which experiments run, and the amount of science returned

Design goals

  • Aiming to give some more reasons to keep kerbals in space for prolonged periods, in a variety of different situations and craft
  • Ideally intended to work in conjunction with a life-support mod (for example the excellent KLSS)
  • Increasing the options for gathering early-game science, whilst not being OP in a more mature game
  • Extendable via Patch Manager patches to define new experiments and attach them to parts

Planned Features

  • UI to review experiments that each kerbal is running or has completed
  • Updated localization


v0.1.2 - Changed the condition of tech unlocked and kuriosity experiments completed to handle a list of items rather than a single item - Added a feature to deprioritize an experiment (i.e. not run it) for all kerbals on a vessel once one of them has completed an experiment onboard - Added 8 more experiments, and adjusted conditions and running duration for several existing experiments (attempting to balance) - Minor bugfixes

v0.1.1 - Minor bugfixes

v0.1 - First release

About modding KSP2

This has been my first experience modding a game, having been a fan of KSP & KSP2 since the early days. I had read a lot about some of the perceived challenges and barriers to modding KSP2 that some of the KSP community had expressed, and was curious to see for myself. Although the modding scene here is small, it's been able to (within ~15 hours) guide me to the point of creating the first version of this mod, by solely using the SpaceWarp wiki, Patch Manager wiki, lurking in the KSP2 Modding Society Discord, and looking through some of the excellent examples of mods that have already been created. I'd like to call out a few of the modders whose work here has inspired and taught me, even if they don't know it... Cheese3660, Falki, Leonardfactory, Munix, Schlosrat, Safarte ...and many others

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