Related plugins for True Volumetric Clouds, now the weather will affect the energy output of solar panels.

License: GPL-3.0

Game Version: 1.12.5

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Author: Aebestach

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WeatherDrivenSolarPanel (WDSP)

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In the stock version of Kerbal Space Program, the energy output of solar panels is affected by direct sunlight, being blocked by terrain, being blocked by satellites, and being blocked by other parts. With the release of blackrack’s True Volumetric Clouds, there is now another way to change energy output --- weather.

This plugin is designed to be used in conjunction with True Volumetric Clouds. When you encounter rain, snow, dust storms, or volcanic clouds on a planet, you will notice a wonderful change in the values on the panel. Enjoy the game to the fullest!



  • The installation process is the same as other mods. Just put the WeatherDrivenSolarPanel folder from GameData into the GameData in the game root directory.
  • Since ray tracing is now used to calculate EC, for some computers with lower CPU performance, you will need to put the Extra\LowPerformancePlugin\WeatherDrivenSolarPanel.dll into the GameData\WeatherDrivenSolarPanel\Plugin to overwrite the original WeatherDrivenSolarPanel.dll.
    (The default is for high performance computer users. In fact you can try to use the high performance .dll and if there is noticeable lag then use the low performance .dll).

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  • With kerbalism installed, it can be encountered that the solar panels will not generate power when the vessels is unloaded.


  • Adaptation of RSS-Reborn+RO and RSS-Origin+RO has been completed.
  • The four curved solar panels in the NFSolar are not compatible with this plug-in.


  • Due to the inscrutable calculation method of the stock version of EC resources, I am directly using the calculation method under the multi-star mode of Kopernicus here, which is currently the best method I can take.


@R-T-B Part of the Kopernicus code was used.
@LGhassen Thank him for bringing the commendable volumetric cloud mod to KSP.
Thanks to both of them for their help with this plugin!

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