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Author: Aram

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Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Juno: New Origins. Proceed with caution.

What this mod does
  • Export craft meshes of all visible parts as obj
  • Export craft materials as mtl
  • Export planets equirectangular map
  • Export planets cube map

What this mod does NOT
  • Work on mobile (ios and android)
  • Export part textures, bump map...

How to use

Exporting craft mesh : In the designer use the command "ExportCraftModel"

Exporting Planet Data : In the flight scene use the commands : ExportAll [Downsample Iterations] [Lighting] [Export cubemap?] Export [Planet name] [Downsample Iterations] [Lighting] [Export cubemap?] Downsample Iterations => (integer >= 0) generates an n times higher quality texture and downscales it n time to get a better quality while keeping a low file size Lighting => changes the lighting (sun on the terrain) 0 (none) is best for renders Export cubemap? (True or False) should it export the height data

SetRes [equiRes] [cubeRes] SetRes [equiRes] equiRes => the equirectangular res (the width of a 2:1 texture) cubeRes => the cubemap res (the width of a 1:1 texture)

Known issues
  • Some meshes aren't exported (Droon bodies, test dummies, label parts)
  • Some parts are exported as one combined mesh (command pods, Solid rocket engines, inlets, structural panels...), resulting in parts not having the right paint assigned.

Change Log
  • 1.3 Added a progress bar Removed the designer button to use commands instead Added the possibility to export planets equirectangular map and height data Maybe some bug fixes, probably more bugs added
  • 1.2 Some stuff probably
  • 1.1 Some stuff probably
  • 1.0 Initial release
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