Droon Comlinks

Droon ComLinks adds a whole new gameplay dimension by adding communication to Juno: New Origins. Add antennas to your crafts, build complex networks and make sure your craft is always connected or you will loose control...

License: CC-BY

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Downloads: 803

Author: Aram

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Outdated Mod

This mod is not known to work with the latest version of Juno: New Origins. Proceed with caution.

Useful Links :

Do not download the mod before reading the disclaimers

Do not use the mod in a game you care about

The mod might not work well on some custom systems

Sadly, I don't have time for sr2 while I study and the next time I'll have time to work on DCL will probably be next summer. I have been working on that mod for almost as long as sr2 supports mods (and that's about 3 years). That is clearly too long, so I decided to finally publish a first version of the mod, even though it is far from finished.

I won't be able to update the mod for months any bug/problem will stay until then

Bug reports and suggestions:

I'll gladly take any bug report or suggestion here in the comments or over on discord on SRC or Complex Rockets. Just make sure to check the RoadMap / Bug list before to see what features are already planned and what bugs are already known.


Does the mod work? Yes, but it's not ready yet.

Balance issues: One of the hardest things is tweaking the antennas so their characteristics make sense. I decided to try and replicate reality as much as I could understand it instead of assigning arbitrary values to each antenna (like ksp...). In addition to all the parametric characteristics of antennas in DCL, that makes for a very complex system that is hard to set up. What does it mean? You might find some antennas that should technically be more powerful than another but is weaker. This also means that antenna's performances will change in future update as I tweak them so your network might stop working.

Performance issues: The mod uses exponentially more resources with the size of the network. I'm not a professional programmer and I don't know all the tricks to make code more efficient, so it takes time to improve. I have never tested the mod on very large networks. temporary fixes: reduce the update frequency at the cost of less precise connections. Turn off all unneeded antennas. For now the update frequency is set to 5Hz by default which is enough to play and it offers minimal fps losses.

Lots of bugs: Of course, there are lots of bugs, this is an early version. I recommend reading through the RoadMap / Bug list list to get an overview of what to expect as well as the temporary fixes.

Things might change in the future This is still an alpha version and I'll reserve the choice to make big changes that could break previous saves if I find it to be beneficial for the mod.

The mod has only been tested in the stock system The mod detects antenna structures (as found near the launch pad in the stock system). If you are using a custom system that doesn't have any / not enough antennas it might be harder / not work at all.

This is an alpha Version, there might be some unexpected bugs.

More info on mods / how to install mods here

The mod uses Harmony Copyright (c) 2017 Andreas Pardeike

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