Create configs for parts which don't have ModuleCargoPart

License: CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0

Game Version: 1.12.5

Downloads: 13,044

Author: linuxgurugamer

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Dependencies * ModuleManager * Click Through Blocker * SpaceTuxLibrary

This is a small mod which will add the ModuleCargoPart to all parts which don't already have it. This is necessary in order to allow a part to be an inventory cargo part that can be placed in inventories or allowing larger parts to be manipulated in EVA construction mode (but not placeable in inventories).

It works by using the stock methods GetRendererBounds() to get the outermost bounds of the part.


Install the mod using either CKAN or a manual install. The first time the game is run, a file will be created in the GameData directory called partVolume.cfg A popup warning will be shown indicating that the file has been generated and the game will need to be restarted for it to take effect.

Settings A toolbar button will be visible when at the MainMenu. Click the button to open a Settings window

Filler is a default amount of extra volume used for packing and storage.  There are several different filler settings, the settings are (with their defaults) as follows:

Part Type

Filler (10%) A default amount when no other applies ScienceFiller (25%) Filler for science parts EngineFiller (15%) Filler for engines RCS Filler (20%) Filler for RCS parts DoTanks (False) Create configs for tanks Manned (False) Create configs for manned parts Limit Size (True) Limit maximum size for a config to be applied (before filler adjustment) Largest Allowable Part (64000 l) Largest volume allowed if Limit Size is true

All filler percentages go from 0 to 100%. In the event that more than one type of filler can apply to a part, only the largest will apply.

Part types are determined as follows:

Science     Part is listed in the config to be a PartCategories.Science part
Engine      Part has either ModuleEngines or ModuleEnginesFX
RCS         Part has either ModuleRCS or ModuleRCSFX
Tank        Part has resources and no other module (yes, this includes batteries)
Manned      Part can hold crew

If any setting is changed and saved, the config file (GameData/partVolumes.cfg) is deleted and a popup is shown indicating that the game will need to be restarted

All configs generated by this mod will only apply if a part does NOT have a ModuleCargoPart already defined. This way mods can get updated by the author with their settings with no worry that their settings will be overridden.

If you have Kerbal Inventory For All installed, you will need to delete the file:


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