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Welcome to SpaceDock! 2016-02-19

Attention Kerbal Space Program Community, is no more. now carries the torch! Chaos is slowly, but surely, giving way to organized chaos, as we are lining up what'll be needed to get going again: a website, content hosting, people to help out with web development. The CKAN team and many others have stepped up big time, and we want to thank you for your patience as we get things operational.

So, what's the state of things?

DAILY STATUS as of Fri Feb 20 5:00AM UTC:

  1. SpaceDock: IS NOW LIVE and FULLY OPERATIONAL! - The team has reached a stable release into production that nearly mirrors spacedock. Please continue to report all issues via the GitHub issue tracker here:

Critical Known Issues:


If you need manual activation of your username (if you don't get your confirmation email) please send an email to


We want to thank SirCmpwn for what he did for and his willingness to assist with getting our developers familiar with the initial setup of the spacedock engine used for SpaceDock. was an awesome site. We can only hope to meet it and aim to exceed what it provided to the community. We're sad to see him go.

In spite of the difficult road ahead, I personally think this event was one of the KSP mod community's finest hours. :) We're pulling together, probably more than we have ever done so before... and building a new home. One that will be better than the former.


  1. Will CKAN client be able to download all mods previously on
    A. No, but most will be. The hosted data will most likely be cached, and this measure will only be temporary until SpaceDock is fully operational. Modders are encouraged to provide CKAN with alternate hosts if they want to publish new versions of their mods within the next 48 hours.
  2. Will the new website have all previous spacedock mods?
    A. No. Due to the mess and legality of redistribution, the permanent solution, the new website, will not have any of the Kerbal Stuff mods. Mod authors will have to register new accounts and re-upload their mods. This may take some time obviously.
  3. What will be the new website address URL?
  4. How is this being paid for?
    A. well let's start with some stats from @SirCmpwn

    Interesting stats from Google Analytics:

    4,948,349 total sessions
    993,550 total unique visitors
    19,083,579 total page views
    03:11 - average length of visit

    bandwidth use is 10-20TB / month

    Kerbal Stuff costs about $100/mo to operate. After upgrades to support the high traffic, it would be about $180/mo.

    At about $50-100 a month the project may require some assistance from the community. Currently the team has enough volunteers and donors to get the project re-started on solid footing for a while though. The new website will feature a means to donate if you'd like (and I'm sure the guys working on this would be able to finally get some pizza for all their efforts and make it even better as it goes along!).

    Update: Here is the SpaceDock Official Patreon Donation link to help SpaceDock pay for monthly expenses:

  5. Who's working on this project?
    A. You can find our curent team list here:

  6. Will the new website hosted mods be available on CKAN?
    A. Eventually that is the goal, but for now it will be business as usual (opt-in) and we'll revisit that issue and debate at a later time.
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